Sunday, February 8, 2009

February is here

So far, the year has flown by. January, for all intensive purposes, was a blur. I blinked, and it was over. Here is February, which is short enough, but on top of that my surgery has been locked in for the 18th, which also happens to be my birthday, which also happens to be exactly 2 months until the wedding. They say I will need at least 4 weeks before I can start to have full use of my arm, and that I should be fine, read I won't need a sling, for the wedding. Don't know how long I'll be out, don't know much of anything really. All I know is I am having the surgery, they really aren't sure what to expect. All 3 MRIs were of different parts of the arm. I know there is no reason to wonder or worry, that only will make it worse. I've been briefed on all the possibilities that they may encounter while they are in my shoulder.

On a bright note, got to see some family that I don't get to see so much, and there has been great music on the radio all night! Overall, I'd say that's a success for a weekend....even though it was only one day worth so far.

BTW....pitchers and catchers report this week!!! Bring on the Baseball. Can't wait to try to get into the new ballpark this year.

Hope everyone has/had a good weekend.


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